My group's research focuses on two main themes: endometriosis and cancer.

Our research on endometriosis is centered around the descriptive and analytic epidemiology of the disease involving various epidemiologic tools (the CONSTANCES, E3N-E4N, Nutrinet-Santé, Elfe, Pelagie, and ComPaRe-Endometriosis prospective cohorts), each allowing to address specific objectives. The overarching aim of these projects is to advance our knowledge on endometriosis and address the current challenges in epidemiological research on endometriosis, particularly to 1) more precisely estimate endometriosis prevalence and incidence, 2) understand the natural history of the disease and its heterogeneity, 3) identify its risk factors, and 4) study its long-term consequences.

Our research on cancer aims to explore the risk and prognostic factors associated with different types of cancer. Our projects mainly focus on skin cancer epidemiology, the relations between exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals and hormone-dependent cancers in women, and post-cancer health.