Students and fellows

Hélène Amazouz, Postdoctoral Fellow (2022-)

Aviane Auguste, Postdoctoral Fellow (2022-)

Solène Gouesbet, PhD student (2020-)

Zélia Goussé-Breton, PhD student (2022-)

Nadjib Mokraoui, Doctorant (2023-)

Sara Hachem, PhD student (2023-)

Chiara Doccioli, Public health Intern (2023)

Sarah Lambert, Master's student intern (2023)

Margaux Langlois, Master's student intern (2023)



Alexandra-Cristina Paunescu, Project Manager (2019-)

Dorra Nakkach, Data Manager (2020-)

Anas Naji, Biostatistician (2023-)


I am looking for motivated people to join my research group. If you are interested in postdoc, PhD or Master’s internship opportunities, please feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..